Our Programs Explained


 5 - 7 Years

Our Ready programs are carefully designed to cater for young children between the ages of 5-7 years by engaging them through fun and critical thinking activities that aims to develop very early on valuable life skills.


 8 - 10 Years &
11 - 13 Years

Our steady programs propel our young teenagers with the right skills, attitudes and knowledge that they need to become relevant to their society.

unplugged business

14 - 19 Years

Teenage and young adulthood are the make and break life stages of an individual and our grow programs identifies this crucial stage in the life of young adults and aims to equip them for the world of work and further education.

Our Current Programs


Performing and Creative Arts

Our dedicated program for children offers interactive, creative and hands on workshops for children between the ages of 3 to 10 years, providing engaging alternatives to the use of gadgets for entertainment.

unplugged robotics

Kidz Unplugged
Robotics and Computational thinking

At Unplugged, we are not against technology, rather we develop children's design skills using practical and hands on method. This program promotes young children’s design and computational thinking skills without digital devices!

unplugged business

Make it Happen - Entrepreneurship Program

A program for young creative minds taps into their entrepreneurship and creative skills. The program equips young people with information and skills needed to run a small business of their own.


Dear Dirhams 
Financial Literacy Program

Our financial literacy program is designed creatively by finance and education experts to prepare young people for later years and build their capacity to face real-life economic decisions. The program is able to connect with children of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds to take positive financial action.

save it or waste it unplugged

Save it or Waste it - Sustainability Program

Our sustainability program empowers children and young people to take small steps that can have a big collective impact on our environment, our resources, our economy, and the world at large. We focus on the simple model of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle & Recover to cut across the main aspects of suitability.

unplugged progression

Ready For Progression

Ready for Progression is a practical and interactive session designed help young people to make a successful transition to their next destination be it higher education or the world of work. It offers careers advice and guidance to young people to help them on their journey of self discovery and purpose.

who am i unplugged

Who am I? - Learning to Learn and Career Guidance

An intensive program that delves into the traits, personality and attitudes of young people to provide an impartial career education and guidance that reflects participants personality, learning styles and career suitability.


Careers and Employability Passport

An exciting FRS initiative that encourages and celebrates participation in a wide range of inspiring learning opportunities outside school hours.Young people's commitment to learning is celebrated by recording participation in all aspects of volountary learning through a Bronze, Silver and Gold Award System.

future ready skills

Future Ready Skills (FRS) Academy

Unplugged Initiative’s Future Ready Skills Academy is our digital learning platform which provides young people with an interactive and engaging platform where they can develop future ready skills through industry sponsored courses and activities.