About Us

Unplugged Initiative is an Abu Dhabi based educational organization that has been ADEK, ACTIVET & DED approved who offer interdisciplinary enrichment programs that equip learners and educators with new competencies, future fluencies, and powerful values for them to have a positive impact on humanity and the world they live in. 

We believe that traditional curriculum teaching and learning in the classroom is not enough to prepare the youth of today for the future job market. 

We set up Unplugged so that we could bring the world of work to school students and to provide them with the 21st century skill sets they need to succeed in their careers. 

 Identifying young talent is important.  Businesses need to plant and nurture young talent in order to reap the rewards of a successful workforce and to harness their dynamic and creative minds to develop and progress any organization, to overcome barriers by finding out of the box solutions. 

As a social enterprise we believe in philanthropy over profits.  Nurturing today’s young talent for the 21st century will help us create a brighter future for a better world.

We offer bespoke and off the shelf enrichment activities to young people to complement their traditional learning and give them a good start in life. Our programs can be run both online or offline. Visit our online learning platform www.frs.academy for more information about our online programs.

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Promoting digital wellbeing of children in a  world where technology affects everything we do is becoming more relevant in our society in order to unlock and maximize every child’s true potential.

At KidzUnplugged we believe in the importance of impacting a child’s life through social interactions, by encouraging independence, creativity, innovative thinking and the arts. 

Education and Talent Acquisition Consultancy

Our educational consultancy aims to provide tailored solutions, support and guidance services where it matters most. We are highly experienced in curriculum, operations and leadership solutions. 

We are also experienced curriculum writers as well as advisory board members and have helped create qualifications for international awarding bodies such as Pearson and City & Guilds.

Future Ready Skills (FRS)

Unplugged Initiative’s Future Ready Skills Academy provides young people with the opportunity to develop future ready skills through industry sponsored individual and dynamic group activities. 

Our programs are especially designed for transition-age youth between the ages of 14 and 19bwho are ready to embark on career choices or progress into higher education.

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Future Ready Skills (FRS) Academy - find out about our digital learning platform !